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The Wandering Muse explores what it means to be Jewish through the lens of some of the most eclectic and talented Jewish musicians today.

Enough Already! Us sun-starved Montrealers aren’t taking this winter crap anymore. Tune in for ho Jewish tunes to melt the snow off all the sidewalks of the universe.

We’re celebrating St-Jean Baptiste and Yiddish theatre all in one show! Socalled talks Russian gangsters, Odessa and flossing. Separatist Guy Bouthillier share his thoughts on Judaism and Quebec Nationalism. Oy tabernak!

Mundial Montreal is a world music festival and conference. This includes a great mix of presentations, getting to meet professionals in the industry and of course great music. Tons of AMAZING shows at the fest including Socalled with Elisapie.

With fear in Montreal at a heightened pitch, Stephen Harper has gotten tough on crime! Murder, drug trafficking, kidnappings, gang-bangings are on the rise- and now, the High Ho’s are invading the city! And they’re particularly horny for the Jews amongst us!!

Socalled, Montreal’s legendary polyglot hip-hop artist, speaks about his Jewish musical influences.

Be sure to buy tickets for this all new, puppet-heavy indie musical by Montreal’s one and only Socalled.

Socalled’s out with a new album and it’s one big funky Sleepover party with all the emotional and musical ups and downs of a gang of teenagers getting drunk, watching horror movies, dancing and making out in the basement at the cool kid’s house while her parents are upstairs fast asleep. Review by M. Kassel

What happens when the world of Jewish music and arts encounters the religious Jewish world? Most often beautiful music is made and sometimes controversy is born.

Yiddish-infused, funk, hip-hop rapper, cartoon-drawer, magic performer, and incredibly entertaining Montrealer Josh Dolgin, a.k.a Socalled, guests hosts Shtetl on the Shortwave.