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Celebrate Hanuka with a radio roadtrip to the hamam in Ramallah. Plus an interview with Persian Israeli director Yuval Delshad about his award-winning Farsi drama Baba Joon.

The Wandering Muse explores what it means to be Jewish through the lens of some of the most eclectic and talented Jewish musicians today.

And when God tells Shtetl to go West, baruch hashem (enshallah), Shtetl obeys. Especially if she, the almighty one, is commanding me to sit in a dark room and injest movie after movie. Some call it the cave, some call …

Transcarpathian-born Anita Doron is the director of a feature film about teen love set in a Native community in Canada. Riff Cohen is an Israeli, French-speaking, North-African pop star. Leah R.Vineberg performs The Marathon of Accommodation.

The Gatekeeperstells the story of the Israeli Shin Bet from the perspective of six former heads of Israel’s secretive internal security service.

Montreal Birth Companions film screening with Robin Lim founder of the Bumi Sehat maternity clinic in Bali, Indonesia. Yayasan Bumi Sehat provides gentle, comprehensive, and free-of-charge health care for women and their families.

A full festival of sweet docs for you! Explore the socio-political realms of the world, learn about hidden communities in the jungle and much more. Jewish content and SO MUCH MORE!

Lecturer Musa Schwartz (Ph.D) will be introducing the award-winning Polish film “Little Rose” before its screening at the Jewish Public Library. This foreign thriller promises intrigue and an interesting delve into lesser-known Eastern European histories from the ’60s.

A Bottle in the Gaza Sea tells the story of a friendship that develops across military borders. It all begins when Naim, a 20 year old Palestinian teen, discovers a message in the bottle that Tal, a 17 year old French immigrant to Jerusalem, threw into the Gaza Sea.

An examination of the Jew as creator, producer and subject of cinema with Professor Eric Goldman. Through film clips and discussion, we will learn how filmmakers created and packaged their own unique concept of the Jew, as filtered through their own consciousness.