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JetLAG music festival is a collision of cultures. Is it Russian? Jewish? American? One Russian Israeli headed to the festival to sort out the confusion.

Dudu Tassa brings Iraqi pop to Montreal for The Montreal Jewish Music Festival.

Riff Cohen is French/Israeli/Tunisian/Algerian. Her new album has a North-African trashy-pop thing happening. Read Nicolas Roux’s interview with her in Paris and check out her tunes this Friday on Shtetl on the Shortwave.

So many obstacles could have stood in the way of this collaboration: Raichel is an Israeli Jew and Touré is a Malian Muslim. Their countries don’t speak…but they do.

Check out these scenes from our tribute to you. Bagel Etc. became a radio studio crowded with wires, guitars, waitresses, cooks and Cohen fans. And everyone was singing their love to you! Hope to see you back in Montreal soon. Love, Shtetl

Tremor Fantasma by Ladino indie-rockers Deleon- is an audio experience that can only be described as a melting pot of the world’s Sephardic communities on vacation in modern-day Mexico City.

BJ Loomer unearths an obscure jazzy version of the Megillah in this first edition of MishMash: a semi-regular blog featuring random thoughts, partial impressions and musical preoccupations.

Montrealer Daniel Isaiah’s new album High Twilight leaves no doubt about his immense talent. But did you know about his obsession with poppy seed hamentaschen? Read BJ Loomer’s review of High Twilight for all the dirty details.

Socalled’s out with a new album and it’s one big funky Sleepover party with all the emotional and musical ups and downs of a gang of teenagers getting drunk, watching horror movies, dancing and making out in the basement at the cool kid’s house while her parents are upstairs fast asleep. Review by M. Kassel

I was feeling a slight sting for attending a concert on the shabbos, but the discomfort was allayed knowing that Toronto-based band Snowblink was opening.