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Circumcision bans in Germany and a new PQ government, lots of separation anxiety going on! We talk w/German Jew Martin Schubert, Dan Seligman of Parti POP + Foreskin Man! Plus 1st Jewish frosh ever in Montreal.

Join the Shefa Project and The Green Kippah Collective at the Ghetto Shul for the last Sustainable Shabbat of the year this Friday night. Feed your body and help the planet by eating local, organic food to welcome in the Sabbath Bride. Click to read more.

What happens when the world of Jewish music and arts encounters the religious Jewish world? Most often beautiful music is made and sometimes controversy is born.

This past week Jewish people celebrated the revelation of the Ten Commandments (and all of Torah for that matter) at Mount Sinai. Well, some people celebrated it…others didn’t know it was happening or were too conflicted about following all these …