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In the Holy Land even pop covers are political. Tune in to Shtetl to find out about The Lorde Diaries; a musical pop journey in Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, Yiddish and French.

“I am now heading on a very long trip to two places, which for most of my adult life, I have been ambivalent about. And frankly, scared of. Parenthood and Israel. “

Mazel Tov, Mis Amigos! It’s the Shtetl summer music show. Tune in for Yiddish mambo, Yemenite funk, African American-Yiddish crossover music, Ethiopian reggae, Emily Dickinson music poetry, Davendra Bandhart‘s Shabop Shalom love song to Natalie Portman, a Jewish wife’s trip …

Radio and podcast pilgrimage to Israel & Palestine. Come with! Tune in!

And when God tells Shtetl to go West, baruch hashem (enshallah), Shtetl obeys. Especially if she, the almighty one, is commanding me to sit in a dark room and injest movie after movie. Some call it the cave, some call …

Listen to Anna Leventhal read from Sweet Affliction, her excellent collection of short stories. In this story a young woman has an odd encounter with a Chasidic boy she meets in her neighbourhood.

Check out these scenes from our tribute to you. Bagel Etc. became a radio studio crowded with wires, guitars, waitresses, cooks and Cohen fans. And everyone was singing their love to you! Hope to see you back in Montreal soon. Love, Shtetl

Ihtimanska is an alto sax/accordion duo who make their music inspired primarily by a trip they took to Turkey. The rest of their Eastern European folk sound is drawn from Bulgarian, Macedonian and Moldavian influences.

With fear in Montreal at a heightened pitch, Stephen Harper has gotten tough on crime! Murder, drug trafficking, kidnappings, gang-bangings are on the rise- and now, the High Ho’s are invading the city! And they’re particularly horny for the Jews amongst us!!

LE MOOD is a one-day festival of Jewish arts, culture and learning that began in 2011 with “the simple belief that something incredible would happen if the most daring young thinkers, performers and artists in Jewish Montreal gathered under one roof.”