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Shtetl aspires to a highly inclusive vision of Judaism. Like the radio show Shtetl on the Shortwave,  Shtetl Magazine shares stories not often told in mainstream media.  Shtetl is not afraid to look at difficult or taboo issues, but the tone remains respectful and entertaining.  Serious and quirky, edgy and alternative, vintage and contemporary, this is what you’ll find at Shtetl. You need not be Jewish to contribute.  Of course!

We are now accepting submissions for Shtetl Magazine.

Submit an article.

Pitch your idea for an article.  We’re looking for:

–       Profiles of artists, musicians, thinkers, business people, tattoo artists, anyone doing unusual and wonderful things and hopefully with a Jewish twist.  This can be a look at a famous Jewish person, or more likely, someone we’ve probably never heard of.  It can also be about people who are doing things relevant or somehow connected to Jewish life even if they don’t happen to be Jewish themselves.

–       Journalistic pieces about interesting places, trends, controversial issues, current events with a Jewish angle.

–       Reviews of films, concerts, dance shows, theatre pieces, books or CDs with some Jewish content.

–       Personal memoir writing.

–       Or, choose a Jewish concept, event, idea, or tradition that you find interesting or controversial, and interview experts and others on what they think.

Pitches for articles can include links to video or audio clips, or images to accompany the piece.

Submit art work.

Send us your images/artwork. We’re looking for:

–       Illustrations, photographs, collage, cartoons, paintings, video, etc.

Images/artwork might accompany an existing story or may be featured in a story highlighting your work/portfolio/collection/show.

How to submit.

For article pitches: Please send your story ideas with a short description of what/who you intend to write about, what the opening lines of the piece will be, and a line or two about who you are. Please be sure to include your contact information. Please limit your pitch to 300 words.

If you have work that is already written, please feel free to send it.

For artwork: Send .jpegs of your work.  If you have an online portfolio of your work, please send us a link.

For video or performance pieces,  send a link.

Please email all submissions or inquiries to:

The Shtetl editorial team will respond to your submission as soon as possible.

For now, contributing to Shtetl Magazine is about getting published, being part of a hip new publication as it gets off the ground, having a creative outlet, and telling stories that only you can tell.  As the magazine grows, remuneration will become a possibility.

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say. Shtetl just won’t be the same without you!

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