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Enough Already! Us sun-starved Montrealers aren’t taking this winter crap anymore. Tune in for ho Jewish tunes to melt the snow off all the sidewalks of the universe.

In his last interview with Jewish media, Daniel Sieradski of Occupy Judaism talks about why the Jewish world needs rebranding and how Jewish ethics are relevant to Occupy Wallstreet & Snowblink sings a live rendition of the Yom Kippur prayer: Kol Nidre.

Acclaimed experimental / folk duo Snowblink will play Club Lambi during POP Montreal, fresh off the release of their sophomore record “Inner Classics” (produced by Ohbijou producer Chris Stringer), due out on September 11th.

Israeli artist Adida Fallen Angel is alive and well and living right here in Montreal. Shtetl hung out with this spiritual, tattooed dude at the Fresh Paint art space where graffiti and street artists rule.

Snowblink is a surf-rock duo with Montrealer Dan Goldman (Luxury Pond) and California-born Daniela Gesundheit: a pop star and a cantor with a voice like a wild angel. Snowblink’s new album Inner Classics comes out this September. Check them out live at Divan Orange.

This week on Shtetl, beloved Montreal rabbi Ronnie Cahana, the preachings of Dr. Bronner and his Magic Soap, and a live rendition of the Kol Nidre by Shtetl’s favourite indie-pop cantor Daniela Gesundheit of Snowblink.

I was feeling a slight sting for attending a concert on the shabbos, but the discomfort was allayed knowing that Toronto-based band Snowblink was opening.

Kol Nidre Special with pop star and cantor Daniela Gesundheit of Snowblink, Geoff Berner, Argentinian Jews of Montreal and a few unexpected renditions of the Kol Nidre prayer.

Pop star and cantor Daniela Gesundheit helps us repent with her rendition of Kol Nidre.