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Talking feminism on Shtetl. Women and video games, Gamergate and a new student-run Muslim-Jewish Feminist Alliance at Concordia University.

Young Montreal writer “Lick My Knish” is realizing that women are not as sexually liberated as she believed….and talking to her Mom as she sculpts obese naked women seems to confirm this. What do you think?

When it comes to Jewish Feminism, Lilith magazine has covered it all. From Jewish hair stories to JAPS to rabbinical misconduct to reproductive rights. Read and listen to Shtetl’s interview with Lilith Editor Susan Weidman Shneider.

Lea Roback was a labor rights activist, a feminist and a Marxist. The Bibliothèque et Archives Nationale du Québec will present an artistic reading of her writings, a script concerning the place of women in the post-World War II workforce.

Quench your curiosity at the Lactation Station Breast Milk Bar! This interactive performance piece, conceived and presented by Jess Dobkin, will give you the opportunity to sample small quantities of breast milk. Don’t miss out on this public tasting!

Join these open conversations on various topics relating to Judaism-Jewish feminism and gender, tradition, ritual, and secularism, Racial and class dynamics, themes of Jewish victimhood and power. Everyone is welcome to discuss their experiences and ideas.

What happens when the world of Jewish music and arts encounters the religious Jewish world? Most often beautiful music is made and sometimes controversy is born.