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Who are the Hebrew Israelites? Etai Darway left the community and works as a DJ in Tel Aviv. The Israelites followed their leader from the U.S. to Africa, then to the “Promised Land”. Lotsa funky tunes on the show!

What does poophoria have to do with Chassidic rebellion? What is poophoria? Find out in this fresh instalment of The Psychosexual Development of a Jewish Heretic: The Anal Phase; Let My People Go!

“We were walking down the street on our way to the pharmacy to pick up condoms when the whiff of spicy Los Angeles street meat hit us.” A tale of pork and dating by Dvora Meyers.

How did Lamed Resh go from a Chassid to a heretic? Was it Boredom? Sexual appetite? Bacon? Resh turns to “Rebbe” Freud for answers.

With fear in Montreal at a heightened pitch, Stephen Harper has gotten tough on crime! Murder, drug trafficking, kidnappings, gang-bangings are on the rise- and now, the High Ho’s are invading the city! And they’re particularly horny for the Jews amongst us!!

Justin is Jewish. Natalie is Catholic. Can this interfaith dating couple overcome Justin’s resistance to drinking milk with meat?

Découvrez un nouveau livre écrit par trois femmes Montréalaises. Ces femmes, d’origine juive, musulmane et chrétienne, abordent divers sujets sans tabou : le port du voile, le communautarisme, l’homophobie, le racisme, l’islamophobie, la place des femmes dans la famille, dans la société.

When you think of the Rialto Theatre in Montreal, you’re more likely to imagine Halloweeners dressed in drag lining up for the Rocky Horror Picture Show than a soirée with separate seating geared to the Hassidic community.

This past December, over 80 people gathered in an art gallery in Montreal’s Mile End for SNIP: a live panel discussion on the subject of circumcision.  This multi-media event asked: What happens when a rabbi, an anthropologist and an artist …

In celebration of Halloween, of CKUT and of the ghost of Shtetl past, this is one of the very first episodes ever of Shtetl, and one of my favourites, where Rabbi Dov Friedman gives us the shocking, funny and illuminating lowdown on the dark side of the Jewish tradition. It’s A DYBUKS, DEMONS AND JEWISH EXORCISM 101 RADIO SPECIAL.