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In the Holy Land even pop covers are political. Tune in to Shtetl to find out about The Lorde Diaries; a musical pop journey in Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, Yiddish and French.

Yiddish Fight Club?! and Joni Mitchell love fest today on Shtetl.

Who knows what will happen when Quebec Jews start asking themselves questions about being Jewish. A Yidlife Crisis most likely.

Spirituals from the Shtetl. Davening from the Delta. Anthony Mordechai Tzvi Russell’s unique love affair with Yiddish and Jewish culture tmrw on Shtetl on the Shortwave.

Friday on Shtetl find out where Yiddishland is and why all these young coolsters live in this funky, artsy, political & diverse world. Apparently no passport required.

We’re celebrating St-Jean Baptiste and Yiddish theatre all in one show! Socalled talks Russian gangsters, Odessa and flossing. Separatist Guy Bouthillier share his thoughts on Judaism and Quebec Nationalism. Oy tabernak!

Writer & activist Jay Michaelson talks about the erotic economy of religious life, about LBGT activism, and B.D.S: yay or nay? And, rediscover a very old and very juicy Yiddish novel by Joseph Opatoshu.

It has long been pointed out by historians, theologians, and psychiatrists that Isaac, son of Abraham and the second Jewish patriarch, got a raw deal. One intrepid Shtetl reporter- Jarrod Tanny- actually got an interview with the guy.

Orkestar Kriminal are at Lambi this Thursday with their Gangster Yiddish style of music!

The DWYT is screening three classics: East and West (1923), Without A Home (1939) and The Light Ahead (1939). Black and white classics, great music, historical intrigue and…film star Molly Picon.