Shortwave | From Ram’s Horn to Beatbox

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Take a trip to Argentina, Uganda, Berlin….meet the traveling musicians in Montreal director Tamas Wormser‘s new documentary The Wandering Muse.  See and hear the sounds of the Jewish diaspora from the viewpoint of musicians like Socalled (Montreal), Daniel Kahn (Berlin), Rabbi Enosh Keki Mainah (Uganda), Marcelo Moguilevsky (Argentina) and many more.

Wormser is a Hungarian-born Montrealer and filmmaker.  He’s been recording the world of diasporic Jewish music for the past seven years. What has he learned from our wandering muses about being Jewish today?

The Wandering Muse screened at RIDM this week and will be playing from November 24th to Dec 3rd at Cinema du Parc in Montreal.

Music in this episode by Krista Muir (Shtetl theme song), Kid Loco, Maurice el Medioni, The Sway Machinery, Daniel Kahn & the Painted Bird, Psoy Korolenko, Shura Lupovsky, The Putti of Uganda & Vanessa Paloma