Shortwave | Oy tabernak !! St-Jean אַ גוט

This week we talk with Josh Dolgin (aka Socalled) about Odessa, Yiddish theatre, Russian gangsters and Jewish writer Isaak Babel- who ultimately was done in by Stalin. And about puppets.  It’s all about Tales From Odessa on now at the Segal Centre.

And, this Sunday is everybody’s favourite Jewish holiday after Purim…St-Jean Baptiste! In honour of Quebec’s National day we have politician Guy Bouthillier live in studio to talk about his 5-year stint as head of the Société St-Jean Baptiste, his interest in all things Jewish, about anti-semitism and mutli-culturalism in Quebec.

Music by Socalled and Solomon, Les Soeurs Boulay, track off of the SoCalled musical The Season and Daniel Isaiah.

Vive l’été libre les amis et joyeux St-Jean!
Sending good summertime vibes over the airwaves,