Shortwave | Music show to melt the snow

We coulda talked politics, or the disenfranchised or explored the history of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  But it’s spring time! Except here in Montreal, it’s still snowing. So we’re going to get cozy in our bathrobes by our big fireplaces and let the music-makers melt our troubles away. If it’s spring wherever you are, well, send us warm vibes and enjoy the tunes!

Our HOT, ward-off-winter playlist:
Ethel Waters singing Irving Berlin: Heatwave
Balkan Beat Box: Cha Cha
Gogol Bordello: American Wedding
Snowblink: Bounty
Epichorus: Naana al Genina
Hip Hop Hoodios: Havana Nagila
SoCalled: No More Snow
Funny or Die: Black & Jewish
Moyshe Oysher & The Barry Sisters: Halevai
Kinky Friedman: They Ain’t Makin Jews Like Jesus Anymore
Snowblink: Pray for Surf
Geoff Berner: We All Gotta Be a Prostitute Sometimes

Thanks for tuning and if you happen to be in the cold zone, don’t let old man winter get you down!


p.s. Here at Shtetl we are aware that there are people suffering from way more than the winter blues (although that is nothing to sneeze at) and this show is for all those folks too.