music | Dear Leonard…

Your concerts in Montreal were amazing!  Thank you for giving us everything you’ve got.   Last Friday- in anticipation of your return home-  Shtetl did a live Leonard Cohen tribute show. I was blown away by the excellent musicians who sang their love to you at Bagel Etc.

The restaurant became a radio studio and was crowded with wires and guitars and bagels and waitresses and cooks and Cohen fans. All together a lovely scene. And you can listen to it all on the Tribute Podcast.  Here are a few scenes from our celebratory brunch. Thanks for inspiring us all!

DEAR CRIMINALS  had everyone at Bagel Etc. completely under their spell during this cover of Dance Me To The End Of Love.

In classic  KATIE MOORE  style, she chose to cover I’m Your Man.  Can’t stop listening to this sweet rendition.

On her past albums ELISAPIE sang in Inuktitut. Because she is “in love with Leonard”, here she sings It’s All Your Fault a tribute to you on her new album- with Manuel Gasse.

Andy McClelland of L’IL ANDY & THE KARAOKE COWBOYS  told a funny story about meeting you right across the street in Parc du Portugal and answering a survey together about the endless construction on St-Laurent Blvd.  a couple years back. And then he sang this awesome cover of Memories. Who knew you did a disco album!?

Mr Cohen, Have you heard of Adam & the Amethysts? Their music is quite spiritual. You can hear ADAM WAITO‘s sweet soulfulness in this cover of Bird on a Wire.

You might recognize JASON ROSENBLATT of Shtreiml in this last clip. You had him and his wife Rachel over to your house for Greek pastries and music a couple of years back. Check out a bit of Jason’s cover of Take This Waltz.

We are super grateful that Montreal is full of talented and creative music makers like everyone who played at Bagel that day- including Richard Lahmy and David Sanders. Leonard, thanks again for the very moving shows you did.   Keep in touch (you never call anymore)!


Shtetl on the Shortwave