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“I am now heading on a very long trip to two places, which for most of my adult life, I have been ambivalent about. And frankly, scared of. Parenthood and Israel. “

What does poophoria have to do with Chassidic rebellion? What is poophoria? Find out in this fresh instalment of The Psychosexual Development of a Jewish Heretic: The Anal Phase; Let My People Go!

Kashua is an Arab Israeli novelist, journalist and sitcom writer for the funny and controversial Hebrew show Arab Labor. And he’s a bit of a nervous wreck too.

“We are all born with an instinct to suck. Without it, we’d die.” So begins this account of one man’s development as a Jewish heretic. In this 2nd instalment of the series, we explore The Oral Phase.

How did Lamed Resh go from a Chassid to a heretic? Was it Boredom? Sexual appetite? Bacon? Resh turns to “Rebbe” Freud for answers.

I am a Jewish girl who has never dated a Jewish boy. I am a Jewish girl who has never been attracted to a Jewish boy. Anytime a man has dropped a Yiddish word or a Jewish summer camp reference in conversation, I have wanted to bolt. I have bolted. But why?

Justin is Jewish. Natalie is Catholic. Can this interfaith dating couple overcome Justin’s resistance to drinking milk with meat?

Being Jewish is not a given in these parts, and I’ve watched with both fascination and horror as my daughter has tried to wrap her 5 year old brain around the Bible Belt’s pervasive piety.

This picture of my Eastern European Jewish Drag King persona was taken by my father…In Toronto, I posed in the neighbourhood where my great grandfather worked as a Rabbi, after the family emigrated from Eastern Europe.

In this piece the author takes us through her “education” as a Jewish girl in Montreal. From class issues, to the Holocaust, to adolescent awkward phases, interfaith dating, bad bar-mitzvah outfits and awful camp experiences, we are privy to a young woman’s struggle with her Jewish identity.