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Check out these scenes from our tribute to you. Bagel Etc. became a radio studio crowded with wires, guitars, waitresses, cooks and Cohen fans. And everyone was singing their love to you! Hope to see you back in Montreal soon. Love, Shtetl

Rosenblatt with bassist Joel Kerr, master oud player Ismail Fencioglu and the illustrious Joe Grass on guitar/mandolin. This wide assortment of music and talent draw on jazz, and blues along with traditional Turkish and Jewish styles.

Ever heard Jewish folk tunes played on a harmonica quartet? Or Klezmer ska rock? These two bands, featuring Jason Rosenblatt, Adam Stotland, Rachel Lemisch, Levy Bourbonnais and Pascal Veillette, give Jewish fusion a new edge.

Jason Rosenblatt et Shtreiml sont parmis les compositeurs‐interprètes, issus des grandes cultures musicales de la planète, qui chantent en français et mettent en musique les plus beaux textes de la chanson québécoise.

Last days of summer camp and Shtetl is hanging out at the canteen with legendary klezmer musician Frank London, this year’s artistic director of KlezKanada, Quebec’s definitive festival of Jewish music, arts and culture.