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Check out these scenes from our tribute to you. Bagel Etc. became a radio studio crowded with wires, guitars, waitresses, cooks and Cohen fans. And everyone was singing their love to you! Hope to see you back in Montreal soon. Love, Shtetl

Shtetl and POP Montreal brunch it up with musicians doing covers of their favourite Leonard Cohen tunes. Live broadcast from Bagel Etc. Win tickets to Cohen’s Mtl. show!

Shtetl gets in Le Mood for Montreal’s Festival of Jewish Learning, Arts and Culture. Liel Leibovitz, Leonard Cohen, satellites and celebrities, Jewish pirates, Punk Jews, Death Row Jews; and the “a-pork-alypse” today on Shtetl on the Shortwave.

Today on Shtetl: Jess Dobkin talks about the Lactation Station Breast Milk Bar and why Montrealers should come out and quench their thirst the old fashioned way. Lotsa music: Leonard Cohen, Lakes of Canada, Gogol Bordello….

In 2011 I was gifted with a whack-load of worry, a solid dose of hypochondria and a nudging sense that I am either too Jewish or not Jewish enough. But more important: What were famous Jews complaining and catastrophizing about this past year?

Adam Cohen is on his second tour of the year with his latest album, Like a Man.

An exhibit named after Leonard Cohen’s inscription of his 1964 book, Flowers of Hitler, on display, and a smoked meat sandwich, live jazz cocktail party!