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A raunchy ride through working class,1950s Jewish Canada. From Winnipeg to Vancouver to Toronto- Heshy Azberg finds sex, God and the blues in this coming-of-age tale. (Yiddish & coarse language warning!)

Mireille Silcoff invites us into a world of rich storytelling; of beauty and pain. Each languidly-paced story draws us in to its reflective, sometimes tragic, often funny and always compelling characters.

Listen to Anna Leventhal read from Sweet Affliction, her excellent collection of short stories. In this story a young woman has an odd encounter with a Chasidic boy she meets in her neighbourhood.

Ariela Freedman reviews Jami Attenberg’s novel The Middlesteins. “How could she not feed her daughter?” This is the question that sets the tone for five year-old Edie’s epic story of love, family and…eating oneself to death.