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Curious, open, Arab, Jewish, peace, conflict, Tel Aviv, discovering, Ramallah, music, politcs, art, sex, love,right wing, drag king, Yemenite, Bedouin, Russian, Muslim..Jesus!! Shtetl Magazine in the Middle East. Yallah!

Follow snippets of sound, images and chance encounters from Shtetl’s time in Israel & Palestine- from the art to the politics to the voices of regular folks on the street.

Tune in for the radio show/podcast Shtetl on the Shortwave. I’ll be producing it for the next few months from this fascinating part of the world.  Maybe I can bring some new insights- at least I’ll bring you great music and a newcomer’s impressions.  (You can hear the show live on CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal, stream it here on the website or download the podcast from Shtetl’s iTunes.)

Here’s the first episode from the Middle East featuring Zvulon Dub System- and the sounds and experiences of being Ethiopian in Israel: Zion Calling!


Yalla habibi…may this radio pilgrimage begin!

(Tamara Kramer is your humble radio show host and fellow podcast pilgrim)

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