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How fashionable are sexual ethics and workers rights? On today’s episode we talk with Oren Safdie: son of architecht Moshe Safdie, cousin of Dov Charney, and the Montrealer who wrote Unseamly a disturbing play about the politics of sexual harassment …

Transcarpathian-born Anita Doron is the director of a feature film about teen love set in a Native community in Canada. Riff Cohen is an Israeli, French-speaking, North-African pop star. Leah R.Vineberg performs The Marathon of Accommodation.

The Dora Wasserman Yiddish Theatre presents Centaur Theatre co-founder Maurice Podbrey: A reading of Brontshe Shvyag (Brontshe the Silent) in Yiddish with supertitles.

Scapegoat Carnivale Theatre presents The Bacchae, by Euripides- Centaur Theatre’s Brave New Looks selection for 2012. October 12 – 20.

The Dawson Theatre Collective brings you an irreverent evening of lascivious lunacy. Adapted from Aristophanes’ timeless satire of the sexes, inspired by current events and performed by a cast of 36 students, Lysistrata 2012 tells the story of one Athenian woman’s struggle to end a civil war.

Come enjoy a theatre reading of Sholem Aleichem’s best known comedies, followed by the first Yiddish musical comedy talking picture! A day of fun for all Yiddish lovers!

Follow the life of Miss Sugarpuss, from her seedy beginnings to her rise as a star on the burlesque stage. A clever take on the burlesque tradition at the Segal Centre.

The History of the Devil tells the satiric tale of the Devil’s trial at the hands of the human race, with which he’s shared the world for millennia. A play directed by Michael Segal.

L’Affiche/The Poster, a drama about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is playing simultaneously in both official languages. This bilingual theatre project strives to promote cross-cultural understanding, religious tolerance and thought provoking discussions.

Shalom! Here is a rare opportunity to see the Hebrew language acted out on stage. Makolet is a story about the good news that shakes a small business-owning family into chaos.