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Transcarpathian-born Anita Doron is the director of a feature film about teen love set in a Native community in Canada. Riff Cohen is an Israeli, French-speaking, North-African pop star. Leah R.Vineberg performs The Marathon of Accommodation.

Can one be Jewish and Indian; Jewish and Mohawk; Jewish and MicMac? Yes! Jewish and aboriginal cultures have been intertwined for many moons. In this issue we begin to explore where the two communities have connected historically, culturally and in our lived experiences.

Jews had all sorts of encounters with Native peoples in the West: they forged economic bonds, sometimes peaceably, sometimes exploitatively. They learned Indian languages. They made friends. They scalped and were scalped.

Rachel Rubinstein explores a complicated history of Jews performing their encounters with Native Americans- from the 1895 Yiddish play “Tsvishn Indianer” (Among Indians) to Rob Morrow in the 90’s tv show Northern Exposure.

Howard Adler is Jewish and Indigenous (Anishinaabe). Read What I Learned in School, Guilt Shirt and Cold Feet a sampling of his award-winning poetry. And, watch Honour Song, a short video honouring Native Americans who fought in WWII.

Nathan Adler is an Ojibway/Jewish writer and artist. Read his poetry here, and take a look at Flying Bird and Dinosaur Wings, his works of visual art. Nathan is a member of the Lac Des Mille Lacs First Nation.