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Who is your favourite Viennese poet? Josef Weinheber perhaps? Find out why a collective of artist-activists dressed up as art restorers and dug up a monument in his honour causing a stir in their Austrian hometown.

Graphic novelist and Holocaust survivor Miriam Katin’s son wants her to help him get European citizenship from Hungary so he can move to Germany and be with his girlfriend. What to do?

CowJews and Indians; How Hitler Scared My Parents and I Woke Up in an Iroquois Longhouse- Owing the Mohawks Rent. Plus, Corinna Rose is live in studio with banjos, autoharps and a whole new album!

What are some of the creative challenges and moral issues faced when making films about the Holocaust? David Kaufman discusses his experiences directing documentary films and the imperative to preserve the memories of survivors.

Ethnographic Terminalia is an exploration of what it might mean to exhibit anthropology. Their current show offers challenging new approaches to many Jewish themes. On till Saturday at The Eastern Bloc.

Check out these diverse documentaries by Jewish filmmakers and producers at the The Montreal International Documentary Festival. They showcase Jewish characters and Israeli families, and investigate the lives of modern day immigrants, Paris dancers and stone wall builders.

Leading up to and during the Holocaust, most Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis were turned away from Canadian borders. Today, Canada receives about 30, 000 asylum seekers a year. More than six decades after the Holocaust, how has Canada’s processes for handling refugees changed?

Shalom! Here is a rare opportunity to see the Hebrew language acted out on stage. Makolet is a story about the good news that shakes a small business-owning family into chaos.

À l’occasion de la Série éducative sur l’Holocauste, le théâtre NU et le Centre Segal des arts de la scène ont le plaisir de vous convier au lancement du livre Passages. À cette occasion, un court extrait vidéo du DVD-Passages vous sera présenté, suivi d’un échange avec l’aueure et comédienne Catherine Dajczman, animé par le comédien Stéphane Crête.

The Holocaust Education Series presents a mini-series on Adolph Eichmann: This film reveals the true story of the love affair between Eichmann’s son and the daughter of a Holocaust survivor. The love affair led to Eichmann’s eventual capture by the Mossad.