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Transcarpathian-born Anita Doron is the director of a feature film about teen love set in a Native community in Canada. Riff Cohen is an Israeli, French-speaking, North-African pop star. Leah R.Vineberg performs The Marathon of Accommodation.

Young Montreal writer “Lick My Knish” is realizing that women are not as sexually liberated as she believed….and talking to her Mom as she sculpts obese naked women seems to confirm this. What do you think?

Amal Elsana Alh’jooj is a Bedouin/Palestinian Israeli and Nobel Prize nominee. She is an activist for women’s rights, Bedouin rights and peace. She will be live in the CKUT studio tomorrow on Shtetl.

Montreal Birth Companions film screening with Robin Lim founder of the Bumi Sehat maternity clinic in Bali, Indonesia. Yayasan Bumi Sehat provides gentle, comprehensive, and free-of-charge health care for women and their families.

“Crime after Crime” presents the agonizing story of one woman’s wrongful first-degree murder conviction and her eventual release after serving 27 years behind bars.

Comics have not always been taken seriously as an art form because of their emphasis on super heroics and world saving. The art in Graphic Details reveals the superpowers we use just surviving day-to-day living.