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From the Guinness world of horseradish to Dayenu flash mobs. It’s all going down here!

The DWYT is screening three classics: East and West (1923), Without A Home (1939) and The Light Ahead (1939). Black and white classics, great music, historical intrigue and…film star Molly Picon.

The Dora Wasserman Yiddish Theatre presents Centaur Theatre co-founder Maurice Podbrey: A reading of Brontshe Shvyag (Brontshe the Silent) in Yiddish with supertitles.

“Romeo and Juliet in Yiddish” looks at issues such as arranged marriage, the idealised notion of romantic love, ex-communication from community and family, and community infighting. This is a whacky modern Hassidic take on the age-old tale replete with lost youth, unrequited love and an edginess you’ll only find in Brooklyn.

The Montreal International Yiddish Theatre Festival. June 13-22. Incredible plays, films, music and academic conferences with speakers and performers from around the world all here in Montreal for this unique festival.