Shortwave | Shmata Blues

How fashionable are sexual ethics and workers rights?
On today’s episode we talk with Oren Safdie: son of architecht Moshe Safdie, cousin of Dov Charney, and the Montrealer who wrote Unseamly a disturbing play about the politics of sexual harassment playing in The Bain St-Michel’s theatre/pool.
And this weekend The Museum of Jewish Montreal brings the shmata business to life at a pop up exhibit in the Belgo Building for Nuit Blanche.  Go back in time and step into the pants of union workers in Montreal’s garment industry.

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NB. In case you can’t read it…Caption for photo left: “In the photograph: Union organizer Ena Ship. Came to Canada from a small town in Ukraine in 1928. She was paid 3$ a week as a garment worker in Montreal.” Info & photo courtesy Museum of Jewish Montreal.