Events | Lysistrata 2012

May 3 and May 5 at 7:30 pm ; May 4 at 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm

The Dawson Theatre Collective is excited to bring you an irreverent evening of lascivious lunacy that’s bound to make you laugh long and hard. Adapted from Aristophanes’ timeless satire of the sexes, inspired by current events and performed by a cast of 36 students, Lysistrata 2012 tells the story of one Athenian woman’s struggle to end a civil war.

In her quest for peace, Lysistrata comes up with an extraordinary plan: in order to force the men in charge to declare peace, a panorama of female empowerment across the ages decides to deny sex to their husbands and lovers until the fighting stops and the soldiers are brought back home. The strike takes its toll on both sides, causing the situation to become rather…heated.  As the battle of the sexes escalates, the question arises (along with a few other things): which side will break first?
Adapted by Ann Lambert, Vishesh Abeyratne & the Dawson Theatre Collective
Directed by Ann Lambert

New Dawson Theatre. 2000 Atwater Avenue

Tickets Prices:  $8 for students and seniors /$12 general
To reserve:  or BEA @ 514-924-5470
***Please specify the name under which the tickets are to be reserved, number of tickets, which show you wish to attend. Reserved tickets will be held up to 15 minutes before the show and then released to the general public. So please be 30 minutes early***

All proceeds from this show will go directly to support the Theresa Foundation, which exists to raise funds for grandmothers and their A.I.D.S.- orphaned grandchildren in Malawi. We have a very personal connection to the foundation that ensures that the all money will be delivered directly.