Shortwave | Riff Cohen, Anita Doron & Leah R. Vineberg

(Please scroll down to the player below to listen to this podcast). Three women, three different arts.  Anita is a filmmaker and Ted Fellow born in Transcarpathia, but she now calls Canada home.  She is the director of The Lesser Blessed– a new drama set in a Native community in the Northwest Territories of Canada.  Riff sings in French, Hebrew & Arabic. Catch up with her from a café à Paris. We’ll play a bunch of tracks off her new album.  And Leah is a multidisciplinary artist and the director of The Marathon of Accommodation – a performance happening this Friday in Montreal featuring 3 women and all the ways they transform/conform/deform to accommodate the men in their lives.  Fun! If you like women and art….hey, this is your show!

Music by Riff Cohen, How Lovely to Be a Women by Ann-Margret, I Feel Pretty from West Side Story and Shake Yer Dix by Peaches.