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Founded in 1994 by a group of artists, Images des Femmes gives a unique platform to artists in the Mile End. They are holding the 18th edition of their exposition of art on International Women’s Day.

Agnieszka Holland’s Oscar-nominated film, In Darkness, tells the story of a Polish sewer worker who hides Jews from the Nazis for over a year.

Daniel Isaiah is a Montreal born singer-songwriter and filmmaker. Check out his next Montreal show at Casa Del Popolo.

Blue Emet Arts festival brings together the diverse artists of Congregation Dorshei Emet. Join these authors and filmmakers for a series of discussions, readings and film screenings.

In American Passages, Viennese documentary filmmaker, Ruth Beckermann, focuses her camera on the United States. This “epic panorama” takes us on a nuanced tour of the American Dream. Plus music by Enrico Macias, Corrina Rose, Stereo Total and Arcade Fire.

The Holocaust Education Series presents a mini-series on Adolph Eichmann: This film reveals the true story of the love affair between Eichmann’s son and the daughter of a Holocaust survivor. The love affair led to Eichmann’s eventual capture by the Mossad.

Have you ever experienced family rifts over loyalty to Israel? Community dissent over interpretations of the Holocaust? Come explore these issues at a documentary screening, followed by a panel discussion of young Jews about their relationship with Israel.

In this drama from French director Gilles Paquet-Brenner, Kristen Scott Thomas plays a journalist whose personal life gets tied up in an article she’s researching about the 1942 Vel d’Hiv round-up, during which thousands of French Jews were taken from their homes and deported to concentration camps.