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Mostly tons of unexpected Jewish music, and a little talk with former president of Green Party of Canada re.: Gaza/Israel. But mostly music!

Jewish restaurant owner Zane Caplansky sponsors Toronto Palestine Film Festival. 31 year-old Palestinian initiates the “Palestine Loves Israel” Facebook campaign. Hear from both of them on Shtetl.

WTF is going on?! Talkin’ current events: SodaStream, the quenelle, Woody Allen & Quebec’s secular charter. At the table: Fred Bohbot, Mireille Silcoff, Jess Salomon & Joseph Rosen. Live @11am 90.3fm in Mtl or podcast it later!

Images of a nomadic youth subculture, the eviction of Settlers from Gaza, of Indigenous rituals from Venezuela and of her father Rabbi Ronnie Cahana. Young photographer Kitra Cahana is making it big. Check her and her evocative work out here!

Read Deborah Kramer’s review of a film that portrays the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the eyes of two teenagers on opposite sides of the wall.

A Bottle in the Gaza Sea tells the story of a friendship that develops across military borders. It all begins when Naim, a 20 year old Palestinian teen, discovers a message in the bottle that Tal, a 17 year old French immigrant to Jerusalem, threw into the Gaza Sea.