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“Wanna buy a Jew? We got plastic, we got wood, we got Hassids, we got Jews holding coins…”. Now say that in Polish and you might just be at a market in Krakow where Jewish figurines are available for sale and where they are commonly found in Polish homes.

There is an exciting and complicated revival of Jewish culture happening in Poland today. This summer, Evelyn Tauben traveled to the land of the shtetl and interviewed some of the people involved in this vibrant scene.

Lecturer Musa Schwartz (Ph.D) will be introducing the award-winning Polish film “Little Rose” before its screening at the Jewish Public Library. This foreign thriller promises intrigue and an interesting delve into lesser-known Eastern European histories from the ’60s.

Israel Bartal, Professor of Jewish Studies at the Hebrew University and author/editor of more than thirty books discusses the Jewish perception of the partitions of Poland from 1772-1795.

Crossdressing came in very handy in Turkish-ruled Palestine, as Meir Arber a.k.a Delice, was easily able to cross borders dressed as a Bedouin woman.