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It has long been pointed out by historians, theologians, and psychiatrists that Isaac, son of Abraham and the second Jewish patriarch, got a raw deal. One intrepid Shtetl reporter- Jarrod Tanny- actually got an interview with the guy.

So you stole a potato. Biblical punishment: Tied to a wall, doused in honey, and eaten alive by a pack of wild hyenas.

Jewish-American writer and activist Daniel Sieradski explores psychedelics in Jewish text at Le Mood! His event will examine allusions to mind-altering substances in the Torah and Hasidic literature, which may just explain some of our tradition’s greatest mysteries, while providing a framework for sensible drug policy.

Meet the hipster butcher, the Sudanese refugee, and the ranting post-shtetl Talmudist in Joseph Rosen’s account of a recent trip to Israel. The question is, can anyone save Passover this year?

Get a t-shirt drawn by Bon Iver and other indie rock stars and support great causes. Matt Stotland talks about the Yellow Bird Project. And, Biblical scholar A.J. Levine tells us why she thinks Jews should be reading the Big Book of Jesus.

Alicia Jo Rabins, poet, classical violinist, Bible enthusiast and lead singer of the “post-Biblical pop rock” band “Girls in Trouble” is back on Shtetl. We’ll talk about her music, why the Bible?, Occupy Wall Street, and, Rabins’ experimental hybrid opera “A Kaddish for Bernie Madoff”.

Listen to an interview with Alicia Jo Rabins of the post-biblical art pop band Girls in Trouble and with documentary direcotr Carl Leblanc about his film The Heart of Auschwitz.

Tune in this week when Shtetl talks to Jonathan Goldstein, host of WireTap on CBC Radio and author of “Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bible!” Never have the heroes of Jewish lore been so human, so sexy,so neurotic and so silly …

Tune in to hear this interview with AJ Jacobs, the author ofThe Year of Living Biblically. Jacobs has spent an entire yearstrictly adhering to biblical law -both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament.His book is a humorous recounting of …