Shortwave | Girls in Trouble on Shtetl

Alicia Jo Rabins, poet, classical violinist, Bible enthusiast and lead singer of the “post-Biblical pop rock” band Girls in Trouble is back on Shtetl.  Her second album, Half You Half Me, all about the wild ladies of the Bible, is perfect listening for Simchat Torah.  We’ll talk about music, why the Bible?, Occupy Wall Street, and,  Rabins’ experimental hybrid opera A Kaddish for Bernie Madoff.
Speaking of money…this is that exciting time when CKUT asks listeners to support all the ecclectic and community-driven radio we produce throughout the year. Yup, it’s the CKUT Radio Funding Drive.  There are tons of prizes to win for pledging including a Year of Beer, free train tickets, CDs, tote bags and more.  If you pledge $10 or more in Shtetl’s name, you can also win classic albums by Geoff Berner, The Sway Machinery, SoCalled, and of course, the new album by Girls in Trouble. CKUT brings you alternative music, news, and programming from the many diverse communities in Montreal.  Shtetl on the Shortwave has been airing on CKUT for 4 years now. Thank you for supporting alternative Jewish radio!

Music by Girls in Trouble, Hip Hop Hoodios, William Shatner, Deleon, and Montreal band, First You Get The Sugar.