Social justice | girls in trouble on shtetl

This week Shtetl speaks with Alicia Jo Rabins, lead singer of the post-biblical art pop band Girls in Trouble. A biblical scholar, and violinist for Yiddish punk band Golem, Rabins brings us an album of songs all about the complex, scandalous and resilient lives of the ancient women of the Bible.

Also, live in the studio, director Carl Leblanc of Ad Hoc Films tells us the story of the young women who risked their lives to make their friend Fania a birthday card that she kept her whole life (pictured left)…from Auschwitz, on the Death March after the camp was evacuated, over seas, in a special drawer in Montreal, and now in its permanent home at The Montreal Holocaust Museum. The Heart of Auschwitz tells the story of this gift of love and resistance made in unimaginable conditions for a young woman`s 20th birthday.
Music by Girls in Trouble, Golem, Gypsophilia, The Barry Sisters and Daniel Isaiah Schachter