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A Muslims and Jewish music collab: Epichorus band members Alsarah & Rabbi Zach Fredman talk Xmas lights, Fairuz, dialogue and Hebreo-Arabic love songs. Plus the kids from Kosher Jokes for the Halaladays!

Funny Jews gonna take all the blues away. Ronna & Beverly reveal the secret smell behind Don Draper’s mad success and Moshe Kasher tells us what it’s like to grow up with a Hassidic, hearing-impaired ba’aal tshevua dad.

So you stole a potato. Biblical punishment: Tied to a wall, doused in honey, and eaten alive by a pack of wild hyenas.

Israeli born Arab Sayed Kashua has published three books and is known for his satirical columns in Jerusalem newspapers Haaretz and Ha’ir, and for his Seinfeld-esque sitcom about being Arab in Israel.

French Canadian Anna Marie Dupras headlines, but don’t be fooled, her English set is just as hilarious as her French one!

Celebrate the holidays with a stand-up show like no other, as some of Montreal’s funniest Jewish and Muslim comedians unite in laughter during their loneliest time of year – Christmas!

Hosted by Jess Solomon and featuring Scott Faulconbridge, this month’s Comedy Bistro gets Political!

In this song Jake Smith, musician, comedian and…choirboy at an Orthodox synagogue, sings about checking out attractive young Jewish women at shul while standing for hours on the bima during high holiday services. Caution: Contains some untoward language and imagery.

Comedian Jake Freakin Smith of indie band Lakes of Canada is also a choir boy at Shaar Hashomayim synagogue in Montreal. And what does he think about while singing from the bima? Also, find out about a unique Judeo-Quebecois delicacy called poutka. Chanukah will never taste the same!

A speakeasy showcasing the many vocal and instrumental talents of Jewish young adults in Montreal.