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It has long been pointed out by historians, theologians, and psychiatrists that Isaac, son of Abraham and the second Jewish patriarch, got a raw deal. One intrepid Shtetl reporter- Jarrod Tanny- actually got an interview with the guy.

So my plumbing went to hell, and my wife found us a handyman who boasted of his versatility in carpentry, toilets, bathtubs, and even in offering solace to those whose plumbing has gone to hell. I arrived home to find the emissary from the world beyond our dysfunctional Jewish drain pipes hard at work healing our ailing bathroom.

It seems that everyone on JDate likes to laugh. I know this, because they make it a point to say “I love to laugh.” Well, here’s a little-known fact about me. I hate laughter. It’s like being stabbed in the ears by a yeti’s penis and having salt poured on the wound afterward. Just brutal.

In this hysterical story based on the Sholom Aleichem tale “A Yom Kippur Scandal” we are privy to the Finklestein family’s sacred 1st night of the Hockey Playoffs. A Hampstead family is shaken up by a crime that happens on Seder night. Will we find Uncle Morty’s diamonds? Justice must be served! But first, the help has to serve the soup.

When both boy and dog are hungry, who wins the battle for Grandma’s leftovers? Jesse Toufexis wages a war of guilt against his grandparents. But will the greyhound get the brisket in the end…

Why does Jesse Toufexis seem to always fail at bringing Yiddish into WASP culture? After another failed attempt at this year’s Superbowl party, Toufexis does some soul searching to get to the bottom of this inadequacy.

In 2011 I was gifted with a whack-load of worry, a solid dose of hypochondria and a nudging sense that I am either too Jewish or not Jewish enough. But more important: What were famous Jews complaining and catastrophizing about this past year?

In this moving and funny memoir, Oscar Colman encounters Old Man Israel with his Yiddish accent and his fanatic intolerance for bad cheese sandwiches from the Golden Age cafeteria. A character like this, you won’t often find.

Culture or costumes? Mitzvot or mini Mars Bars? Read Jon Selig’s soul searching deliberation over ….Jews for Jack’o’Lanterns. And feel free to leave your comment. Are you or your kids going out for Halloween this year? Is Halloween bad for the Jews?

Read Oscar Colman’s hilarious, and deliciously wicked recollections of his big job as the assistant to Montreal mohel Rabbi Colton. This memoir brings to life the old streets of Montreal and how it felt to be a 12 year-old Jewish kid with a gig like no other.