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So my plumbing went to hell, and my wife found us a handyman who boasted of his versatility in carpentry, toilets, bathtubs, and even in offering solace to those whose plumbing has gone to hell. I arrived home to find the emissary from the world beyond our dysfunctional Jewish drain pipes hard at work healing our ailing bathroom.

Being Jewish is not a given in these parts, and I’ve watched with both fascination and horror as my daughter has tried to wrap her 5 year old brain around the Bible Belt’s pervasive piety.

Get a t-shirt drawn by Bon Iver and other indie rock stars and support great causes. Matt Stotland talks about the Yellow Bird Project. And, Biblical scholar A.J. Levine tells us why she thinks Jews should be reading the Big Book of Jesus.

I teach Jewish history in a land haunted by Christ. A land notorious for the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, swamps, gators, plantations, the Duke Boys and Roscoe P. Coltrane, mint juleps, critters and grits festivals.