Shortwave | Poutka: A Judeo-Quebecois delicacy

Nothing brings Jews and French Canadians together like poutka,  a culinary delight available only in our Belle Province at Chanukah time.   Martin Zidulka tell us the history of the holiday dish that doesn’t ask you to chose between your love of country and Jewish identity.

Also on the show, Jake Freakin Smith.  He’s a comedian, musician in the Montreal  indie pop band Lakes of Canada, and ….a choir boy at the Shaar Hashomayin.  Smith will perform a song about the not so pious thoughts that cross his mind while he works at one of Montreal’s best known Orthodox shuls. (WARNING: Some listeners might be offended by the explicit material in this episode.  Others will love it.  Just wanted to give a heads up.)

Plus, lots of hot Chanukah songs you never sang in Hebrew school!

Music by The Leevees, Gypsophilia, Flory Jagoda, Klezmatics/Woodie Guthrie, Midnight Oil, Eran Barron Cohen and Jake Smith.