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“That puny Persian potato has nothing on my latka.” -Competitor at Shtetl’s latka (Jewish) vs. kuku (Iranian) cook-off. Judges:Billy (Monastiraki), Atigh (La Khaima), Khalifah, and The Mile-End Teenage Tasting Society.

La nourriture nous rassemble, autour d’un plat, les voix s’élèvent et célèbrent et créent des moments à partager. This unique and TASTY hands-on cooking workshop is a chance to discover Sephardic recipes, and to hear the stories of identity, tradition, immigration and change that emerge from them.

The Green Kippah Collective is looking to sprout a diverse community of creative people who are interested in exploring the intersection of progressive Jewish identity, food and the environment.Want to grow with us?

Comedian Jake Freakin Smith of indie band Lakes of Canada is also a choir boy at Shaar Hashomayim synagogue in Montreal. And what does he think about while singing from the bima? Also, find out about a unique Judeo-Quebecois delicacy called poutka. Chanukah will never taste the same!

An exhibit named after Leonard Cohen’s inscription of his 1964 book, Flowers of Hitler, on display, and a smoked meat sandwich, live jazz cocktail party!

Mostly when you think of ‘Jewish Food’ you think gefilte fish (what is actually in those guys anyways?) and matzoh balls. Come learn about the untapped world of Sephardic Jewish cooking, with dishes from the Jews of Turkey, Rhodes, and Tunisia.