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Funny Jews gonna take all the blues away. Ronna & Beverly reveal the secret smell behind Don Draper’s mad success and Moshe Kasher tells us what it’s like to grow up with a Hassidic, hearing-impaired ba’aal tshevua dad.

Have you heard the one about the boy born in New York to two deaf Orthodox Jewish parents, who gets taken on a vacation to Oakland by his mother and ends up in and out of therapy, addicted to drugs, and becoming a criminal to feed his habit? Moshe Kasher’s memories of youth are dark, raw, hopeful and hilarious.

Meet up and coming comedian Mo Mandel hailing from Tribe Heeb. Also on the show is Aron Kader who will expose us to the hilarity of being half Palestinian and half Mormon. Mandel and Kader will both be performing at the Ethnic Show this month.