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When is it ok to laugh at a madman from our not-too-distant past? What does it mean when we use fascist imagery in pop-culture? Niki Minaj just did it and so do many others. Erin Corber contemplates the trend.

Ian Sternthal is fighting the good fight when it comes to the battle of the book. Young independent publisher, Ian Sternthal has tales to tell on Shtetl on the Shortwave.

Hosted by Jess Solomon and featuring Scott Faulconbridge, this month’s Comedy Bistro gets Political!

Amira Hass is the only Israeli journalist to have lived full-time in the occupied Palestinian territories. She will discuss her perspective as a journalist on Palestinian and Israeli concerns and her analysis of unfolding events in the region.

African-American Hasidic rapper Y-Love can rhyme in Hebrew, Aramaic, Yiddish and Arabic and has lots to say about race, the Gulf spill, Islam, Jewish unity, Jewish community and a whole lot more+ Holy Rollers…the film.