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Sara Ferdman Tauben, author of a new book on Montreal’s early synagogues, gives a tour of the historic Kiever Synagogue in downtown Toronto.

In this song Jake Smith, musician, comedian and…choirboy at an Orthodox synagogue, sings about checking out attractive young Jewish women at shul while standing for hours on the bima during high holiday services. Caution: Contains some untoward language and imagery.

Comedian Jake Freakin Smith of indie band Lakes of Canada is also a choir boy at Shaar Hashomayim synagogue in Montreal. And what does he think about while singing from the bima? Also, find out about a unique Judeo-Quebecois delicacy called poutka. Chanukah will never taste the same!

Norman Ravvin’s third novel, “The Joyful Child,” is the story of a father and his young son who find themselves on the road, traveling across Canada and the United States. Sara Ferdman Tauben’s “Traces of the Past” documents the history of Montreal’s old synagogues, and the stories that surround them. Ravvin and Tauben will present their recent work at this joint book launch.

Wondering what it takes to get into heaven these days? In this whimsical story, B. Glen Rotchin takes us on one human’s moving encounter with his maker.

When I was a kid, my mom, a converted shixsa with blond hair and a southern drawl, would have me and my sister Alana model our synagogue best…