Shortwave | MuJew Music for the Halaladays

On the last episode of Shtetl for 2013 we’re talking music, comedy and what happens when Muslims and Jews collaborate for our listening and laughing pleasure.  The Epichorus is a Brooklyn-based, North-African sounding band and we’ll speak with composer and oud player Rabbi Zach Fredman and Sudanese-born lead singer Alsarah.
Also, it’s that time of year again when X-mas lights and Santa are everywhere. Muslim comedian Abdul Butt and Jewish comedian Jeff Schouela are on to talk about Kosher Jokes for the Halaladays.

Happy Yuletide Ramadanuka!! It’s been a pleasure being your source for thoughtful, quirky and alternative Jewish culture this whacky 2013.

xox Shtetl

NOTE: Epichorus (the whole 8 member ensemble!) will be playing this January 11th at 8PM at Dorshei Emet in Montreal.  Call (514) 486-9400 for more info and tickets.

Music on this episode is by The Epichorus, Jake Freekin’ Smith and The Toure-Raichel Collective