Shortwave | Frank London & KlezKanada Special

Last days of summer camp and we’re hanging out at the canteen with legendary klezmer musician Frank London,  this year’s artistic director of KlezKanada, Quebec’s definitive festival of Jewish music, arts and culture.   Nestled in the Laurentian mountains, this year’s week-long gathering will focus on musicianship, Jewish humour, and highlight Sephardic music with legendary Bosnian Sephardic singer and song writer Flory Jagoda.

On the show, Shtetl slurps up the last of our cream soda Freezies with Misouri-born Shane Baker, the brilliant star of “The Big Bupkis: A Complete Gentile’s Guide to Yiddish Vaudeville”.  A gentile himself, Baker was raised by wild vaudevillians instilling in him a deep appreciation of the Yiddish variation of this artform.  According to Baker you can expect ventriloquism, hyptnotism, bull fight poetry and…. live chickens in his show this Monday night at KlezKanada.

Also on Shtetl, Montreal harmonica virtuoso and organizer of the 2nd Montreal Jewish Music Festival,   Jason Rosenblatt tell us about the amazing bands playing at venues around the city starting August 28th with a show at The Sala Rosa by Frank London’s Hassidic New Wave.

Lay back in that hammock and listen to tunes from the Hasidic New Wave, The Sway Machinery,  Nekouda, Flory Jagoda, Brotherhood of Brass, a surprise classic Jewish comedy track from Mickey Katz, Cindy Lauper !? and more.

For more info on all the concerts and shows open to the public up at KlezKanada this week, check out their incredibly packed program at  And for info on the bands playing at The Montreal Jewish Music Festival starting August 28th  www.