Events | Jump Babylon & D’Harmo Concert

Wednesday April 25, 2012. 9:00pm

An evening of Jewish inspired music featuring Jason Rosenblatt, Adam Stotland, Rachel Lemisch, Levy Bourbonnais and Pascal Veillette


D’Harmo was formed as a special project for Toronto’s Ashkenaz Festival and brings together four of the finest harmonica players on the Quebec music scene. This genre-bending quartet featuring the entire range of the harmonica family (diatonic, chromatic, bass and chord) delves into an entirely original repertoire steeped in Jewish and Quebecois folk musical traditions fused with jazz, blues and the avant-garde.

Jump Babylon

Ska rhythms, catchy hooks, massive horns, edgy lyrics, screaming guitar and a front man that just won’t quit! Jump Babylon was founded in 2011 by members of Shtreiml, Montreal’s veterans of the New Jewish Music scene and pioneers of bringing scorching klezmer to bars and pubs across North America and Europe.


O Patro Vys, 356 Mont-Royal