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Spirituals from the Shtetl. Davening from the Delta. Anthony Mordechai Tzvi Russell’s unique love affair with Yiddish and Jewish culture tmrw on Shtetl on the Shortwave.

Friday on Shtetl find out where Yiddishland is and why all these young coolsters live in this funky, artsy, political & diverse world. Apparently no passport required.

A choir at a bar worshipping pop music in downtown Toronto with Nobu and Daveed as fearless leaders & KlezKanada finally turns 18. Party!!

For Yiddish culture, humour, and awesome music- you can’t beat Klez Kanada. Take a day and go hear/learn/play some live music, learn some Yiddish, go for a canoe ride with Frank London and Daniel Kahn. It’s really good fun!

Check out KlezKanada’s line-up of international and local performers. The evening program includes OPA!, a klezmer-ska-punk party from St. Petersburg and an evening of Yiddishkayt from Buenos Aires.

“Three Millenia of Poetic Subversion,” hosted by Adeena Karasick and Jake Marmer. Workshops themes include: the ecstatic tradition of poetry-prophecy; Talmud and its dialectic-semiotic heritage; Uncreative Writing; Kabbalistic language experimentsJazz/Klezmer Poetry; Yiddish voices; — and much more!

Last days of summer camp and Shtetl is hanging out at the canteen with legendary klezmer musician Frank London, this year’s artistic director of KlezKanada, Quebec’s definitive festival of Jewish music, arts and culture.

Meet Yiddish Princess and The Other Europeans at KlezKanada: a celebration of Yiddish culture in the mountains of Quebec.