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ShazamFest! Music, burlesque, wrestling and camping in the Quebec countryside. Meet Ziv the founder of this quirky 10 yr-old event. And Corey Silverberg talks about talking sex with kids.

Before Harvey Milk, before Stonewall, before Kinsey, Hirschfeld’s radical ideas changed the way Germans thought about sexuality.

What do rabbis have to teach us about relationships and about sex? Find out how the spiritually enlightened (and ordained) “do love”.

Young Montreal writer “Lick My Knish” is realizing that women are not as sexually liberated as she believed….and talking to her Mom as she sculpts obese naked women seems to confirm this. What do you think?

You heard her on late-night radio giving frank sex and relationship advice. This week you can hear legendary Dr. Ruth Westheimer live on Shtetl. And, sex-educator Cory Silverberg talks about sex and disability. Nu? Let’s talk about sex!

Born Ellen Steinberg, Dr.Annie Sprinkle has done it all – from porn (behind and in front of the camera) to performance art (like her Public Cervix Announcement where audience members are invited to come on stage and examine Annie’s cervix!) – all in the name of fun and empowering women in their sexuality.