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Walls. Walls. Walls. Karam Dadu is gay and Arab in Tel Aviv. Mark Thomas walked the entire separation wall. Transgender author Yiscah Smith now prays on the woman’s side of the Western Wall. Shtetl Middle East.

Before Harvey Milk, before Stonewall, before Kinsey, Hirschfeld’s radical ideas changed the way Germans thought about sexuality.

Scroll down to play this week’s episode of Shtetl on the Shortwave. Disturbed by the new Gay Propoganda law in Russia? So was Montrealer¬†Anna Goodson,¬†so she put a call out to illustrators to design images in solidarity with LGBT rights …

mini Mood is an off-shoot of Montreal’s first alternative Jewish learning festival. This single evening of ten sessions will fuse Jewish themes with Quebecois separatism, an intercultural comedy battle, Punk Jews, Native American throat singing, and more.