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Check out this latest installment in our Shtetl Berlin series.  Next Year In Berlin focuses on Israelis living in the German capital. Click on the play button below to hear our guests hash out the eternal debates: Is Berlin the …

Liad Hussein Kantorovic is an Israeli living in Berlin. A maven of kitsch, Kantorovic has a campy take on the Passover seder. Click the play button below to hear it. Tune in for more about Israelis in Berlin this Friday …

Before Harvey Milk, before Stonewall, before Kinsey, Hirschfeld’s radical ideas changed the way Germans thought about sexuality.

Radio road trip to Berlin! Ukrainian DJs, Israeli sex workers, “degenerate” satirists, Roma art, queer bars, drag Passover seders, philosemitism, Jewish breathing lessons, memorial culture….currywurst!

Shake yer tuches Soviet style! Berliner & DJ Yuriy Gurzhy gives you a taste of his personal music collection. Get ready for a little Soviet-Yiddish-German fun!

Meet musician Little Birdie, aka Orit Shimoni. Her latest album, Sadder Music, was recorded in Berlin. Hear what she has to say about Germany, walls, old synagogues, and catch her tunes before she plays live at l’Escogriffe on September 29 in Montreal.

Singer/songwriter Little Birdie launches her new album “Sadder Music – Live in Berlin.” tonight at L’Escogriffe (4467 St-Denis).

First Shtetl on the Shortwave of 2011 is an interview with Berlin-based musician Daniel Kahn who’ll be performing with his band, The Painted Bird on January 15th at Dorshei Emet Synagogue. If anything will get you to synagogue I think this concert would be it!