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Young Montreal writer “Lick My Knish” is realizing that women are not as sexually liberated as she believed….and talking to her Mom as she sculpts obese naked women seems to confirm this. What do you think?

I am a Jewish girl who has never dated a Jewish boy. I am a Jewish girl who has never been attracted to a Jewish boy. Anytime a man has dropped a Yiddish word or a Jewish summer camp reference in conversation, I have wanted to bolt. I have bolted. But why?

“For better or for worse, I am very comfortable on my back with my legs spread, but my annual pap is an exception to the rule.” Find out what intriguing surprises await the young woman in Best Pap Ever! Happy V-Day everyone!

In this memoir, candid author Lick My Knish lets us in on the emotional roller coaster that was her worst pap ever.

In this piece the author takes us through her “education” as a Jewish girl in Montreal. From class issues, to the Holocaust, to adolescent awkward phases, interfaith dating, bad bar-mitzvah outfits and awful camp experiences, we are privy to a young woman’s struggle with her Jewish identity.