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Young Montreal writer “Lick My Knish” is realizing that women are not as sexually liberated as she believed….and talking to her Mom as she sculpts obese naked women seems to confirm this. What do you think?

“Yes, I doped, I lied, I tried to destroy anyone who challenged those lies, but it’s not my fault. It’s Rabbi Hillel’s.” Finally, Lance Armstrong spills the Talmudic beans about what really happened during his infamous days of doping.

“For better or for worse, I am very comfortable on my back with my legs spread, but my annual pap is an exception to the rule.” Find out what intriguing surprises await the young woman in Best Pap Ever! Happy V-Day everyone!

In this memoir, candid author Lick My Knish lets us in on the emotional roller coaster that was her worst pap ever.

Brooklyn-based punk-polka-rock gag band Schmekel weighs in on the ups and downs of crossing the gender divide. From dating,to being mispronoun-ed,to eating hamentashen off-season,band members Lucian, Ricky, Nogga and Simcha are 100% trans-parent.